Sasha Almazova is a Russian musician, songwriter, singer and composer. Sasha Almazova was born (21 November 1986) in Leningrad, Russia, in the family of the Russian singer-songwriter, writer, Cossack Boris Almazov and a D.Ed. Nadezhda Almazova. As Sasha recalls, there has always been music all around their house: ethnical Cossack music, Russian romances as well as grunge and rock music from her brother’s collection.

In her early years Sasha started education in a music school where she studied playing the piano and got her musical basics being a student of a secondary English school at the same time. Right after graduating from the music school she continued her practice with the teacher who got her interested in jazz. Together they studied some basics and some essential jazz standards. It was Sasha’s teenage period that she got involved into the world of jazz music and started composing songs of her own. After school Sasha becomes a student of the faculty of Linguistics.

Just before entering the University she meets like-minded friends and in 2005 they form a band named Non Cadenza. At first the repertoire of the band was Sasha’s songs, some covers and jazz standards. While the career of the band was developing Sasha managed to graduate from University with honours and later become a PhD in Education.
During the whole period of existence of the band Sasha attended master-classes of eminent musicians and performers trying to develop her professional skills. Still, as she considers herself, she got the basic influence from her musicians and colleagues she was lucky to work with.

Music has always
been all around
their house:
ethnical Cossack
music, Russian
romances as well
as grunge and
rock music from
her brother's

Sasha has never limited herself with the borders of just one band. Thus she started collaborating with other musicians and singers, photographers, artists, designers. She often graces the pages of L’Officiel, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar and other fashion magazines. She takes part in various TV and Radio projects in St.-Petersburg and Moscow.

In 2012 Almazova launches a new jazz-oriented project — Sasha Almazova Acoustic Band.
At the moment she lives and works in St.-Petersburg touring with her bands and travelling all around the world.

Since the band
was started
Sasha has attended
of eminent musicians
and performers
trying to develop
her professional